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Civil War Camp Elmira Pen

Civil War Camp Elmira Pen

Step into history with this Civil War Pen


  • Style: Twist Pen
  • Metal Plating: Gun Metal
  • Body: Historic Elmira Wood
  • Ink: Parker Style Ballpoint
  • Comes in gift box
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This is an awesome handmade Civil War Bullet Pen.
It features a handmade wood body with Gun Metal accents.
What is the wood you ask?
This wood was from the Civil war prison Camp Elmira. Known as Helmira.
Information card pictured above is included with the pen.

They pen features a lot of detail it was inspired by the era when correspondence was an art form and craftsmanship was honored. From the remarkably detailed Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket clip to the replica 58 Caliber Minnie' Ball on the cap and 44 Colt Army Bullet on the end, this pen was created to capture a chapter of history.

It’s the perfect gift for Civil War enthusiasts, gun aficionados, history buffs, outdoorsmen and more. This pen takes a Parker style refill. Comes in a gift box.

*engraving and wood grain will vary*

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Chad has been on the lathe for well over 20 years, first learning to turn in junior high school. In the last 10 years he has specialized in pen turning, resin work, and segmenting, leaving his corporate job in 2013 to sell his art full time, and in 2016 opening Turners Warehouse, a turning supply store in Gilbert, AZ.  

Chad has been featured in Pen World magazine for his watch part pens, has had several local print and tv spots, sells his pens in a local artist collective, and for multiple years has participated in the largest art festival in the western united states.

Chad loves to teach about pen making and resin casting and loves to talk shop when he has the time, helping both new and experienced turners while continuing to grow his own skills. He has presented internationally for Record Power teaching about segmenting, and has done lots of local demos and classes. Chad also has a Youtube channel with over 27K subscribers where he posts instructional and maker videos, where he hopes to inspire others to create.