Hand Forged Damascus Steel Fountain Pen

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This is an awesome handmade Damascus Fountain Pen.
It features a handmade Damascus Steel body with Rhodium and Black Titanium accents.

What is Damascus you ask?
Da·mas·cus steel, noun, historical noun: Damascus steel

steel made with a wavy surface pattern produced by hammer-welding strips of steel and iron followed by repeated heating and forging, used chiefly for knife and sword blades. Such items were often marketed, but not necessarily made, in Damascus during the medieval period.
Can have hundreds even thousands of layers of metal.

If you see other "damascus" pens they are almost always not real. They are a metal fiber and resin made to look like Damascus. This is real hand forged Damascus.

This fountain pen comes with a #6 Jowo Polished 2 toned Steel nib.

Comes in a nice gift box.

Thank you for your consideration of this pen.
A great gift or pen for yourself.

Every pen I sell is made in my shop by me. Each is handmade and great care is taken. If you ever have an idea or a custom order please contact me.

I really appreciate you looking at my item and I'm grateful for every purchase. I hope the one of kind item you purchase is a lasting memento or heirloom.

All pens and razors come in a gift box with a info card detailing materials and ink refills.
Pens over $100 come with a Schimmel Fine Pens Certificate of Authenticity.
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